Time has past.....

Time has past since I first met Les Levine and Paul Thek.

Coming from a large art collector family (E. Nolde-G. Richter) and having married into a contemporary art collector family (L. Fontana to Paul Thek) art has formed my life.

After more than 25 years of gallery work with an impetus on young upcoming artists (Ben Willikens - Stephan Reusse), I have decided to show — together with my gallery artists — the artists, that I collected and met in the '70's.

Les Levine was for me the first media artist. I visited him in his New York Studio MOTTART in the '70's and bought the video, among other works, that I will show. This is my present for Les Levine’s birthday this year. For more information please see www.mottart.org.

Paul Thek I first visited in the early '70's in Rotterdam in his studio-full of chicken wire, newspapers, wax objects and wooden tables. I also later visited him at the Venice Biennale and took pictures of him building up his sculpture work. You can also visit Museum Folkwang in Essen Germany, where the room installation is on display. This piece belonged to the family Johnssen.